A Non-gardeners Guide to Creating the Perfect Garden.

Doesn’t just about everyone want more time to spend enjoying themselves in the backyard with family and friends? Why spend what precious down-time you do have slaving away just to keep your plants and shrubs alive? Low maintenance plant installation can free you from unnecessary yard work while helping your yard to look its best year round.

If you are considering new plant installation, try to choose perennials instead of annuals. You won’t have to dig them up and replant every year. Many perennials have beautiful fragrant blossoms in the spring that will attract butterflies and birds to your yard.

Perennials will come back strong after the winter, year after year. Some varieties like evergreens and berry-bearing plants are even more eye-catching during the winter months. Berry-bearing plants have the additional benefit of drawing songbirds and other colorful avians to your yard for their winter feast.

Other plants to consider when planning new plant installation, are those native to your area, Native plants grow just fine in the wild. They won’t require a green thumb or a whole lot of extra effort to live long and prosper in your garden.

Native plants can help you save on water your bills too. They won’t need regular watering unless your area is suffering unusually dry conditions. Even in drought, native plants tend to be hardier and more disease resistant than the non-natives.

When you get ready for a change in the garden, don’t hesitate to consult landscape professionals. They know what to plant, when to plant, and where. They can give you all the best deals on plants and do all the hard, heavy work involved with plant installation. The only thing you will need to do is get an early start on enjoying more free time in your own little slice of paradise.


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