St. Augustine Sod is lush looking and is higher end grass but it requires irrigation and maintenance in order to keep cinch bugs and fungus away. It is prone to frost damage.

Bahia Sod has become more popular because it is easier to maintain. Bahia is drought tolerant, cold tolerant and it is available in seed. It is tough and durable. It does not require an irrigation system but does need water when first installed to establish its root system. It is not as lush looking as St. Augustine Sod. It is average looking in appearance and will grow seed heads.

Zoysia Sod is looks similar to Bermuda, has lower water requirements that St. Augustine and can be cut with normal mower. It is costly to install and is costly to treat for weeds and insects. Zoysia will turn brown without regular watering.

Bermuda is usually used on golf courses. It has high traffic tolerance, and is drought tolerant. It requires high maintenance and can be costly to treat. A special mower is required for Bermuda grass.


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