When dry season arrives, it is always a threat to homeowners who have a certain affinity with their gardens. The plants wilt and eventually die, leaving a vast amount of dry land in its wake. Dry season can greatly affect all living things, particularly the helpless foliage. However, some people are unaware that there are plants that do thrive during drought and growing such plants is the most practical choice for securing your garden, as well as retaining its overall beauty, without the hassle of replacing the dried out plants during the dry season.

Premier Landscapes can provide a variety of drought resistant plants that require low maintenance and the most popular are the perennials. They are considered to be the toughest among the different groups of plants since they have the tendency to live longer and some can even self-sow for a continuous showcase of greenery in your garden. An example of this is the Cuban Buttercup, which is also well known for its bright yellow color and tolerance to salt. The Mexican Petunia is one of the most sought after perennials in Orlando, Florida due to its lovely and eye-catching purple color. Plumbago, on the other hand, has a vivid blue color that will surely liven up the whole garden. For a wide array of different colors of the same type of plant, you can never go wrong with the Lantana, which comes in lavender, pink, white, yellow, and red hues. Different cacti and aloe vera plants can also add to the appeal of the whole landscape. Trees such as the Mimosa can also live in these conditions as well as provide ample shade to the surrounding area. Drought tolerant plants usually have hairs surrounding their leaves to entrap moisture, which will then help them survive throughout the dry season.