Water is Life.

We all requires water.Due to weather changes in the environment, rain shortages occur and leads to water rationing. Following this fact, there is a need to conserve and manage water for lawns.

Lack of rain in various parts leads to stressed trees,shrubs and lawns. Crop failures results as of a prolonged lack of water. It is therefore necessary to have continued vigilance for water conservation to help buffer the impact of any future droughts and famine.

Premier Landscapes requires water holdings to maintain their beauty. Lawn water management is achieved by considering the several factors below:

  • Selecting the best water efficient and most beautiful hardy plants for your garden. This will help them to cope with the conditions that arises in case of water shortages.
  • Having buffer tanks installed to hold water for the emergency days. This water is used to support the plants life and maintaining their beauty.
  • Controlled fertilizer usage. Overuse of fertilizers leads to heavy consumptions of water. The fertilizer used should be controlled and its PH determined.
  • Soil texture. Loam soil is the best soil to use because it best balances the water retention ability and aeration.
    Garden design. The shape of your garden can play a huge role in the retention and management of water. This factor has to be considered when Premier Landscapes is planning your garden.The shape should be the one that allows water to reach every corner of the land without waste.
  • Heavy pruning leads to excessive plant growth and increased demand of water.
  • Type of irrigation. The most efficient and appropriate method to use for watering plants is the dripper irrigation system. Less water is used.

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